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Discussion and play-along of Final Fantasy VI, with perspectives from both long-time fans and a brand new player.

Show is on twitter at @OGPlusCast.  Hosts are @HamletEJ, @healiocentric, and @OccupyGStreet.

Bumper audio from Balance and Ruin.  Header art from Lusipurr. Views expressed here are personal and do not represent Blizzard Entertainment or Riot Games.

Sep 11, 2017

We continue on to acquire the second and third stars, and see Forest Maze, Pipe Vault, Yo'ster Isle, and Moleville.  Also some discussion of the game's basic camera and control scheme, and what makes a good minigame.

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Some discussions about the common dimetric projection for games like this.  Also a visible example in Mario RPG--if you look at the bright edge of the carpet, you can clearly the 2:1 slope of the pixelated line.

Aug 29, 2017

The first discussion of Mario RPG takes us through the Mushroom Kingdom and first star, the story developments at Tadpole Pond, and the game's history and style.

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One recount of the falling out between Nintendo and Square, that took place shortly after this game

Mario RPG was a few months before Mario Kart 64, which is when Toadstool began consistently being called Peach in English

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Aug 16, 2017

For those who didn't hear in Monday's episode--we're excited to announce our next game!

Super Mario RPG is a unique game: a collaboration between Square and Nintendo in the closing days of the Super NES, and a common childhood favorite from the 90's.

It's available on Super NES, as well as on the Virtual Console on Wii and Wii U.  Play along or simply listen and reminisce!

The first episode will be on Aug 28, and will go from the start of the game through the arrival at Rose Town.

Aug 14, 2017

The second half of Portal--the "story" level Chapter 19.  Conclusions on the overall character of GlaDOS, the game's writing, and its overall impact.

In two weeks, we will begin our game next game!  Find out at the end of the episode, or check back here or on our twitter shortly.



Old Man Murray's "Crate Review System"

The interesting can't-unsee take on GlaDOS's character design (via)

One thing we'd forgotten in our discussion on the ending. The ending we saw and commented on (Chell is dragged back into the facility by a Party Escort Associate) was retcon made during the runup to Portal 2.

Original ending

Revised ending

The writers thought that the Portal meme on the internet would be the metal hoop that rolls into the frame in the ending, not The Cake is a Lie.

Jul 31, 2017

Where Portal came from, how the "tutorial" levels (a large part of the game) are a masterclass in teaching the player how to think with portals, and the subtle writing that makes the game so memorable.

In two weeks, we will conclude our discussion of Portal and announce the next game!

Jul 17, 2017

The conclusion of our discussion about A Link to the Past covers Turtle Rock, Ganon's Tower, and our overall thoughts on the game.

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The next episode will be in two weeks, and will begin our discussion of Portal.  As the game is short, we will all have played through the whole thing, but our discussion in the first episode will primarily cover everything before Chapter 19.

A reminder that you can always follow us for updates on our twitter.

Jul 3, 2017

We discuss the item designs in Link to the Past, the overworld navigation post-Titan's Mitt, and three Dark World dungeons: Thieves' Town, Ice Palace, and Misery Mire.

The next episode will be in two weeks, and will cover the remainder of the game.

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Interview where Miyamoto discusses his excitement about the "bottle system."

Map of the Ice Palace.


Finally, for those who have not already seen on our twitter, we announced our next game!

Portal is currently available on Steam for only $0.99, if you grab it before Wednesday!  No reason not to grab it now, and join us in playing it as soon as we're done with Link to the Past.

Jun 19, 2017

We discuss the design and structure of the Dark World, and its first three dungeons.

The next episode will be in two weeks, and will cover dungeons 4-6 in the Dark World.

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Jun 5, 2017

We discuss the Desert Palace, the Tower of Hera, obtaining the Master Sword, and fighting Agahnim at Hyrule Castle.

The next episode will be in two weeks, and will cover dungeons 1-3 in the Dark World.

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May 22, 2017

We begin with a short segment of A Link to the Past, taking us through the first introductory dungeon, along with various discussion of game mechanics and the history and significance of Zelda.

The next episode will be in two weeks, and will go through the boss fight with Agahnim and the end of the game's first act.


The long discussion about Ocarina of Time that Jay and @perculia did in blog format.

Jay's phone lock screen for some years now.

"Official" Zelda series timeline, from Hyrule Historia.

Actual image from Nintendo Power guide.

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